Alternative Energy Heat Treating Services

Alternative Energy Heat Treating Services

Induction heating for renewable energy efforts

Alternative energy is the future, and at Zion Industries we’re proud to provide heat treating service to help make that future possible. From oil to gas industries, we provide comprehensive, highly focused renewable energy heat treating that increases safety, durability and function. Our expert team is dedicated to providing our customers with consistency and quick turnarounds.

Why choose induction heating for your renewable energy heat treating?

Induction heat treating provides fast and consistent heat in applications with dramatic energy savings. Our process relies on electrical currents to produce heat within the component—heat that remains confined to precisely targeted areas, giving you more control.

We specialize in induction heat treating unique part configurations. Our pricing is competitive. Just send us your prints with specifications and target pricing, and we’ll be happy to quote a job for you. If you have a difficult job, we’re happy to look at it with you and determine and induction heating solution that meets your needs. From powdered metals, difficult geometries to finding a better source for a current production part we can make a difference in your production.