Welcome to Zion

Zion Industries, Inc. is an induction heat treating company with facilities in Ohio, North Carolina and Michigan. We specialize in high volume heat treatment production, equipment, process development, & personalized consulting for each and every one of our clients.
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Benefits of Induction Heating

Fast Heating, Fast Start-up, Energy Savings & High Production Rates. Learn more about the benefits of induction heating today.

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Induction Hardening

Induction hardening is a metal heat treatment process that offers a controllable and localized method of heat without contact to the metal parts or components being heated. The heat is generated by inducing an electric current to flow in the object to be heated.
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Zion's History

Since its founding in 1977, Zion Industries has been a leader in the induction heat treating business, providing high quality both in heat treating services and handling equipment for induction heating applications.
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Zion's Core Values

Devoted To Honesty
Passionate for the Customer
Committed To Quality
Dedicated to Family
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Welcome To Zion

Welcome To Zion

Our specialty is high volume metal heat treating. More specifically, we are experts in induction heat treatment production, equipment, process development, and personalized consulting.

As an experienced commercial and industrial heat treating company, Zion Industries can precisely meet your specific needs with our induction heating, hardening, brazing, annealing, and tempering services.

Through the highly controllable use of an electrical heated coil, induction heat treating allows you to select the best physical characteristics for not only each metal part—but for each section on that metal part. Induction hardening can impart superior durability to bearing journals and shaft sections without sacrificing the ductility necessary to handle shock loads and vibration.

You can harden internal bearing surfaces and valve seats in intricate parts without creating distortion problems. You are able to harden or anneal specific areas for durability and ductility in ways that will best serve your needs.

With Zion Industries, the best in induction heat treating companies, you can heat treat segments of intricate stampings without the distortion problems typically associated with other heat treating companies. With over three decades of experience, you can trust Zion Industries with all your heat treating needs.