What is Induction Heat Treating?

What is Induction Heat Treating?

Induction Heat Treatment Basics

Induction heating is a heat treating process that allows very targeted heating of metals by electromagnetic induction. The process relies on induced electrical currents within the material to produce heat. Induction heat treating is the preferred method used to bond, harden or soften metals or other conductive materials. In modern manufacturing processes, induction heating offers a beneficial combination of speed, consistency and control. Although the basic principles of induction are well known, modern advances in solid state technology have made induction heating a remarkably simple, cost-effective heating method for applications which involve joining, treating, heating and materials testing.

Induction heat treating, through the highly controllable use of an electrical heated coil, will allow you to select the best physical characteristics for not only each metal part—but for each section on that metal part. Induction hardening can impart superior durability to bearing journals and shaft sections without sacrificing the ductility necessary to handle shock loads and vibration. You can harden internal bearing surfaces and value seats in intricate parts without creating distortion problems. This means that with induction heating you are able to harden or anneal specific areas for durability and ductility in ways that will best serve your needs.

Why use induction heat treating?

  • Fast and consistent. This method of metal treating provides a fast and consistent heat in applications changing the properties of metals.
  • Energy savings. Dramatic energy savings due to process efficiency. The process relies on electrical currents to produce heat within the component—heat that remains confined to precisely targeted areas.
  • More control. High power density means extremely rapid heating, with exacting control over heated depth, power, time, and hardening temperature within the material.
  • Higher throughput and productivity. Because there is no start-up time and heating times are shorter in induction heating, there is more production time giving you higher production rates.

Why choose Zion Industries for induction heat treating?

With Zion Industries you can heat treat segments of intricate stampings without the distortion problems typically associated with other heat treating companies. With 37 years of experience, we are industry leaders with plants in Ohio, Michigan and North Carolina.

  • Because we specialize in induction heating, our customers benefit from integrated induction heating solutions in many industries.
  • Our customers avoid excessive inventory and part handling with induction heating, which results in minimum waste and improved results at a lower cost.
  • We have the latest technology, equipment, and process yielding units that meet the highest quality standards.

We are constantly evaluating and developing new uses for precision induction heating with our advanced technology. We invite you to contact us about your specific application and needs. We may already have a solution for you! Send us your parts, describe your process, tell us what is most important to you, and we will provide you with our best advice. Are you ready to get started? Request a quote today to learn more.